A/S & Maintenance


Differentiated Test Operation before Releasing

Ewha Eco System Co., Ltd. with unfailing after service self-developed ‘Simulation Machine’ to ensure thorough after service for the product.The simulation machine is designed to be ‘Adjustable Frame’, and the frame can be adjusted in various sizes. Through thorough test operation, the simulation machine verifies the performance of the product and identifies noise and vibration for high-quality product release.

After Service of Ewha Eco System

*Ewha Eco System Co., Ltd. will do our best to provide ‘Cost Reduction’ and ‘Keep the Delivery Date’ to compensate the trust.

Site Inspection and After Service
NO Inspection Content Corrective Measure Notes
1 Grease amount inspection Replenishment for insufficient grease
2 Grease injection hose inspection Removal of hose if air exists between damaged part and middle part of hose
3 -Vibration inspection on main body -Main bearing inspection
-Noise inspection -Screw blade wear check
-Abnormal current figure inspection -Inflow concentration check
-main motor’s RPM, back reduction motor’s RPM, speed value -Tension check on motor connecting belt
4 Raw water inflow flux inspection Adjustment of pump’s RPM Inflow influx should be constant during operation
5 Wash water flux inspection Adjustment of influx adjustment valve (same as inflow influx)
6 Rinsing water flux inspection Adjustment of influx adjustment valve (less than 5m³/hr)
Repair Process for Factory Receiving
Item Repair Content Purpose
Bowl Repair Processing and balancing Bowl Restoration of Bowl imbalance
Conveyor Repair Screw cultivation initial thermal spray Restoration of imbalance caused by screw wear
Bearing and Consumable Replacement Procurement of safety in revolving matter
Installation and Test Operation Performance assurance