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Flow Chart

● Composition of one-liquid cleaning part
-Jet nozzle cleaning part where cleaning solution and odor gas reacts from vortex phenomenon caused by spraying odor gas in liquid
-Perforated plate spray part which sprays cleaning solution on perforated plate, conducts secondary cleaning and removes foam.
● Two-liquid cleaning part is the pack bed cleaning part which maximizes the contact with two-stage cleaning solution.

Maximizes Deodorization efficiency with powerful vortex and bubbling from submerged jet nozzle and collision plate

● Increases efficiency through maximized bubble effect caused by jet nozzle and collision plate
● Prevents nozzle blockage with powerful vortex caused by the collision to collision plate.
● By submerged spray, it eliminates foreign substance and dust within odor gas

Perfect separation technology of cleaning solution (one-liquid and two-liquid)

Perforated plate spray feature of one-stage cleaning solution
● The circulating cleaning solution spray implements one-stage secondary deodorization by using the Full Cone nozzle at the opening of perforated plate
● The foam is removed by the cleaning solution spray in order to prevent the foam generated during the one-stage jet nozzle cleaning from spraying in two stages and mixing with second-stage cleaning solution.

One-stage cleaning solution mist overflow prevention feature of collision type demister
● Collision type mist collecting facility which prevents the cleaning solution within the mist caused by the bubbling and spray of one-stage cleaning part from overflowing to second stage.

● In collision type mist collecting facility, the collecting efficiency is over 95% within the particles over 20um.

Second-stage cleaning solution drop prevention feature of eaves type cleaning solution collecting ditch
  • Eaves type two-stage cleaning solution collecting structure and baffle technology for vortex prevention are applied.

The two-stage liquid prevents from running downward through gas passage