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Differentiated highly efficient Chemical Wet Scrubber with NEP certificate

from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • Accomplished under 150 complex odor
  • Excellent conformability for odor gas purification
  • Reduced pharmaceutical spending on neutral reaction
  • Minimization of installation place
It is a highly efficient Wet Scrubber technology which turns single stage to multi-stage and circulates more than two cleaning solutions separately and purifies the solutions through neutralization and oxidation reaction with odor gas. (Guarantees 200~300 dilution rate for complex odor)
classification 1 2 3
1shift cleaning liquid water alkali acid
2shift cleaning liquid alkali,acid acid alkali

Chemical reaction of hypocllorite (oxidixing agent) is slow but with a combination of above chemical substance, it is able to neutralize odor


  • High in efficiency. This single tower uses a multi-stage purifier to remove odor
  • Neutralize acidic, alkaline or neutral odor effectively
  • Easy to handle impuritiees of offensive odor
  • Small installation space and simple in structure, an economic and high efficient device
  • Almost not effected by temperature and humidity of the surroundings
  • Able to correspond to the actual outbreak of offensive odor(Multi-stage changes of medical fluid)

Technology for reducing cleaning chemical expense and enhancing efficiency through chemical dosing conducted by pH control program.

Injects chemical intermittently with time difference and matches pH value to actual value. Reduces chemical expense and solves side effect caused by excessive dosing

Standard Capacity (㎥/min) Installation Area(mm) Cycle Quantity (㎥/min)
MSAT050S 50 1,300 x 1,800 Each Stage 0.2
MSAT100S 100 1,800 x 2,300 Each Stage 0.4
MSAT200S 200 2,500 x 3,000 Each Stage 0.8
MSAT300S 300 3,000 x 3,500 Each Stage 1.2
MSAT400S 400 3,500 x 4,000 Each Stage 1.6
MSAT500S 500 3,900 x 4,400 Each Stage 2.0
MSAT600S 600 4,300 x 4,800 Each Stage 2.4
MSAT800S 800 4,800 x 5,300 Each Stage 3.2
MSAT1000S 1,000 5,000 x 6,000 Each Stage 4.0
MSAT1500S 1,500 7,000 x 10,000 Each Stage 6.0
MSAT2000S 2,000 10,000 x 15,000 Each Stage 8.0

Inflow Odor Concentration

(Air Dilution)

Gas Absorption Device Outlet Concentration

(Air Dilution)

Discharge Criteria

(Air Dilution)

Wastewater Treatment Plant 1,000~2,000 Less than 150  Less than 500
Sanitary Treatment Plant 1,500~3,000 Less than 200 Less than 500
Excreta and livestock wastewater treatment plant 2,000~4,000 Less than 200 Less than 500 
Waste Collection System 1,000~1,500 Less than 150 Less than 500
Food Treatment Plant 2,000~4,000 Less than 300 Less than 500
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