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Application – Screw Decanter(Dehydrator)

A high efficient device which uses high speed of centrifugal force in dehydrating various types or sludge

  • Dehydrates remaining sludge and raw of sewage, wastewater treatment plant
  • Dehydrates degested sludge of sewage treatment plant
  • Dehydrates sludge of excrements and livestock wastewater treatment plant
  • Dehydrates solid-liquid waste or food waste treatment plant
Standard Capacity (㎥/hr) G-force Motor (Kw) Size (L×W×H mm) Weight (kg)
EWHA 250MTDI 2~5 2,000~2,500G 7.5/(1.5) 2,200×750×800 2,000
EWHA 300MTDI 5~8 2,000~2,500G 15/(2.2) 2,500×870×830 2,500
EWHA 350MTDI 8~15 2,000~2,500G 18.5/(3.7) 2,800×1,000×950 3,200
EWHA 400MTDI 15~20 2,000~2,500G 30/(7.5) 3,300×1,150×1,100 4,000
EWHA 450MTDI 20~25 2,000~2,500G 45/(11) 3,500×1,250×1,180 5,000
EWHA 500MTDI 25~30 2,000~2,500G 55/(15) 3,850×1,400×1,420 5,500
EWHA 550MTDI 30~40 2,000~2,500G 55/(15) 4,500×1,420×1,420 6,500
EWHA 620MTDI 40~50 2,000~2,500G 75/(22) 4,900×1,720×1,600 7,500
EWHA 650MTDI 45~55 2,000~2,500G 75/(22) 5,050×1,800×1,650 8,500
EWHA 720MTDI 55~70 2,000~2,500G 90/(22) 5,400×1,900×1,700 9,500

*Processing capacity may vary according to inflow concentration

Delivery Performance
N O . Installation Area  Capacity (㎥/hr) Quantity
1 Samsung electronic- Hwasung 50 7
2 Metropolitan landfill 50 6
3 Ulsan Yongyun Sewage treatment plant 50 6
4 Junglang water regenerate center 35 5
5 buyo suksung Filtration plant 20 5
6 Anyang Suksu Sewage treatment plant 50 4
7 Samsung Electronic- pyungtak 50 4
8 Kyungju Water Environment center 30 4
9 Kohung Sewage treatment plant 20 4
10 Bangladesh Modunagat Filtration plant 40 4
11 Hwasung dongtan water regenerate center 15 4
12 Busan Suyoung Sewage treatment plant 50 3
13 Ilsan Sewage treatment plant 40 3
14 Busan Nambu Sewage treatment plant 30 3
15 Busan Noksan Sewage treatment plant 30 3
16 Busan Janglim Sewage treatment plant 30 3
17 Sihungsi Environmental Office 30 3
18 Ilsan Environmental Office 30 3

*Sales over 150 sites/ 300 units including mentioned installation areas

Classification Contents No. Application date egostration date
patent Decanter type centrifuge- (Coagulation,Concentration and Dehydration) 10-0740608 2007-03-02 2007-07-11
patent Channel type mixed coagulation divice having a clogging prevention funtion 10-0949462 2008-03-19 2010-03-18
Utility Model Multi-Bush for centrifugal separator with external exchangeable variable diameter and discharge port 20-0445181 2008-03-19 2009-06-30
patent Internal reduction gear box type screw decanter 10-0974949 2010-04-20 2010-08-03
patent Sludge treatment equipment 10-0993173 2010-08-18 2010-11-03
patent Channel sludge mixed flocculation equipment 10-0999357 2010-09-06 2010-12-02
patent Corrosive gas backflow prevention device of centrifugal dehydrator 10-1008516 2010-11-02 2011-01-10
patent Centrifugal dehydrator with distribution chamber of clog prevention structure 10-1231066 2012-07-18 2013-02-01
patent Bearing with anti-seize function 10-1256854 2012-11-12 2013-04-16
patent Centrifugal separator with variable bushing 10-1321078 2013-07-19 2013-10-16
patent Centrifugal separator with discharge venting 10-1433308 2014-03-12 2014-08-13
patent Centrifugal separator with discharge venting 10-1422567 2014-03-12 2014-07-17
patent Rapid liquid polymer melting device 10-1209520 2012-07-18 2012-12-03
Feature-Decanter Type Centrifuge(Dehydrator, Thickener, Separator)


Horizontal Structure


The horizontal structure screw decanter is a new concept screw decanter newly developed in 2016. It arranges main driving motor and speed motor in horizontally intensive structure to minimize the occurrence of noise and vibration.

Strength of Horizontal Structure
*Lowers the center of load of the device by arranging main drive motor and back drive motor in horizontally intensive structure. It enables stable operation and also improves operation environment with less noise and vibration.
*Enhanced stability and durability through low frame height and improved solidity.
*Enhanced cake dehydration efficiency through extended torque value regulating range for scroll through tension dispersion of the driving part.
*Enhanced lifespan through minimized bending load between axes with left and right placement of reduction gear and pulley part.


Internal reduction gear box type


Internal reduction gear box type

Internal reduction gear box type decanter is a high-tech screw decanter developed in 2010. The external gear box, source of vibration in the existing screw decanter, is directly attached to the bowl and it prevents the vibration occurrence. It also prevents the malfunctioning in advance and has compact size.

*Development of internal gear box type decanter, vibration of cantilever structured external reduction gear.
*Weight lightening and improved durability of reduction gear through development of reduction gear for screw decanter.
*Enhanced dehydration performance through stable high-speed operation by the improved structural vibration.

Difference from the Existing Screw Decanter and Strength

*No reduction gear influencing the external vibration of the supporting bearing.
*Reduction gear is built in the bowl and it allows for the precise correction of dynamic balance and minimizes vibration during the high-speed rotation.
*Minimized vibration allows for increased speed of screw scanter and improves the performance of the decanter.
*The solution for vibration increase source drastically extends the device lifespan.
*Compact device with built-in reduction gear.


External Exchanging Multiple Bush


Extended lifespan and improved performance by changing the cake discharge caliber and exchanging the bush on site according to sludge characteristic
*Discharge caliber is changed by exchanging liner and bush within the same bush housing

Importance of Solid’s Discharge Bush
*Among the screw decanter parts, discharge bush has the most wear
*Uneven wear of discharge bush causes vibration of high-speed bowl and causes malfunctioning
*Constant operation in the excessive vibration state caused by the unavailable on-site bush exchange leads to increased number of malfunctioning and accidents.


Double cover cake outlet of Screw Decanter (Patented)



Dividable cover of Screw Decanter



Improved in abrasion resistance of the screw(Preliminary tiling, usage of tungsten powder)


Screw Decanter for Civil Use

A centrifugal type solid-liquid separator that is used to separate solid matters in liquid at various dredge soil, soil improvemnts, retarding basin etc. It is able to process in a large amount

Feature -Screw Decanter for Civil Use
*Most suitable for dividing solid powder such as fine sand of dredge soil
*Suitable even for moving vehicle loads
*Suitable for handing inpurities in dredged soil that is difficult to handle
*A structure which is most suitable to deal with abrasion

Application -Screw Decanter for Civil Use
*Solid-liquid separation of dredged soil at dredging field
*Solid-liquid separation of dredge in digester chamber
*Solid-liquid separation oof soil reproduction process
*Solid separation is done during material process
*Solid-liquid separation separation of dredged soil in retarding basin

Delivery Performance – Screw Decanter for Civil Use

N O . Installation Area Capacity (㎥/hr) Quantity Remark
1 BAUER/Germany 15
3 Dongho calcum 2
4 Korea Coal Corporation 40 2
5 Pohang FINEX Sewage treatment plant 35 3
6 Korea expressway corporation research institute 12 1
7 Metropolitan landfill 30 1


*Sales over 10 sites including mentioned installation areas