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Application – Screw Decanter(Thickener+Dehydrator)

Thickened sludge decanter is a device which is able to directly dehydrate the excess sludge of low concentration generated in the sewage and wastewater treatment plant without separating sludge thickener. It is a high-tech device available of drastically decreasing the expense for the excess sludge facility and device.

*Advance treatment of wastewater treatment plant. Direct dehydration of excess sludge
*Improved performance (percentage of moisture content) of the existing screw decanter
*Dehydration of waste liquid from the food treatment plant
*Direct dehydration of various low concentration sludge

Structure and Principle – Screw Decanter(Thickener+Dehydrator)

*Adds cohesive agent to inflow sludge of low concentration in the thickener and condenses the solid to make it flock
*The flocked sludge is condensed on a proper concentration suitable for screw decanting. The condensed sludge is supplied to screw decanter by the feeder attached to the side
*Overall dehydration performance is enhanced since the sludge inflow into screw decanter in condensed state and skipping the condensation action is possible

Feature – Screw Decanter(Thickener+Dehydrator)

1.Largely improved process through making binary condensation and dehydration process into single process

*One-step condensation and dehydration process leads to largely improved process
*Expenses for installing the facilities such as civil engineering structure, transfer pump, and pipe are reduced since there is no sludge thickening impound process
*Minimized installation space since the space for mechanical thickener is not needed due to the single process
*Convenient maintenance and improved efficiency with single process
*Minimized power consumed for sludge processing process
*Innovative process improvement

2. Energy cost reduction

*Power consumption is largely decreased since condensation device needs little power and the decanter capacity is under 50%.

3. Enhanced dehydration efficiency of screw decanter
*The percentage of moisture content in dehydration cake is improved by 2~5 % compared to other type of thickened sludge. Since it inflows to decanter in solid flock state during the submerged condensation process, the efficiency of solid-liquid separation by centrifugal force is enhanced leading to higher decanter efficiency

Condensation Flock State

Thickened sludge state which flocked in thickening

tank and overflows into decanter

Dehydration Cake
Guarantees less than 80 % of moisture content in dehydration cake in advance treatment pure excess sludge
Supernatant Liquid of Decanter
98% of solid recovery rate in screw decanter by applying thickener. Discharges clear supernatant liquid
Standard Capacity (㎥/hr) Motor ( Kw ) Size (A×B×C mm) Weight (kg)
EWHA  NTD-10 5~10 11.5 (2.5 / 9) 3,400 x 1,200 x 1,200 3,200
EWHA  NTD-20 10~20 16.2 (3.0 / 13.2) 3,700 x 2,000 x 1,600 4,600
EWHA  NTD-30 20~30 41.2 (3.7 / 37.5) 4,200 x 2,400 x 1,600 5,200
EWHA  NTD-40 30~40 48.9 (4.4 / 44.5) 4,800 x 2,700 x 1,700 6,500
EWHA  NTD-50 40~60 77.4 (7.4 / 70) 5,700 x 3,300 x 1,950 8,600


*Processing capacity is based on approximately 1 % of inflow concentration.

*Above specification is the standard and it may vary depending on the performance improvement.

Delivery Performance
N O . Installation Area Capacity (㎥/hr) Quantity
1 Paju Industrial Complex wastewater treatment plant 60 4
2 Gimpo Sewage Treatment Plant 60 6
3 Goyang Samson Water Quality Restoration Center 20 5
4 Gunsan 2 National Industrial Complex Wastewater Treatment Plant 20 2
5 Hanam City Modernization Project 40 2
6 Hwasung Youngnam 2 District Water Quality Restoration Center 30 2
7 Incheon Chongchon Sewage Treatment Plant 40 2
8 Gwangju Hyochun Sewage Treatment Plant 35 2

*Sales over 20 sites including mentioned installation areas

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